10 ways to bring Happiness in Life and stay Happy

By | 15/12/2019

10 ways to bring Happiness in Life and stay Happy


How to find your way to Bring Happiness in Life

Why being happy is so important?

Why happiness is really hard to hold on to?

Each and every query of yours will be answered satisfactorily.

First of all, you need to clear it in your mind that Happiness is a journey and not a Destination.

When you are happy, you feel so light, so energetic and full of positivity.

You feel everything is in your control and being happy is so easy.


But, then all of the sudden happiness get out of your fingers so easily even without warning.

Yes, this is the truth of life. That is the reason I am saying happiness is a journey and not a destination.

It means being happy at one point in time does not make any difference. Rather being happy your entire life is something that is hard to achieve.

This the only reason I come up with my ideas to bring you ways to become happy and stay happy in life.


Find Happiness

Now let’s imagine you are in a gloomy situation right now in your life and you tried really hard to get out of it. Guess what You won and succeeded to get rid of that gloomy situation. Now when that bad phase has gone out of your life. What do you think, it will never come back?

No, that is not the case. The bare truth is it will definitely come back and hit you hard at your back and challenge you to “do or die”. Then, again you have to bounce back with all your energy maintaining your composure and calm.


Now it’s time for scientifically proven “10 ways to bring happiness in life and stay happy”:


  1. Be with the ones who make you smile

Studies show that we are happiest when we are around those who are also happy. Stick with those who are joyful and let rub off on you.

  1. Be Confident about your Personality

Remember those early friendships, sticky hands holding yours, grabbing you to join in the game. Delight that your friends can’t imagine playing the game of life without you.

  1. Know about your smartness

That certificate you held, which showed all your hard work had paid off. Be happy that you’re smart enough to make life all you want it to be.

  1. Understand your loyalty

That time you dropped everything for a friend so you could be there to put your arm around them. Remember how you made them feel. Be glad that your loyalty is a huge part of who you are.

  1. Remember your lovability

Take a trip back to one of those special times your mom or dad wrapped their hand around your little fingers. Be happy that you were born from love.


  1. Treasure your independence

Recapture the freedom you felt the day you drove a motorcycle or car alone for the first time. Delight in knowing that whatever your situation your independence is still your decision.

  1. Applaud your generosity

You know the sound of coins dropping into a donation tin, even when you already had plans for that money in your pocket? Well, so does the person who benefited from your generosity. Be happy that you spread happiness whenever you can.

  1. Laugh at how hilarious you are

Recall that time when you involuntarily clasped your hand over your mouth to stifle your laughter. Be happy that you can laugh at yourself and the crazy events that bump into your day.

  1. Think about your imagination

Think back to that entry you wrote in your journal, the one where you detailed your next exciting goal – hey, maybe that’s already become a reality. Be happy that your dreams can become a reality exactly because you can picture just how incredible it will be. I indulge my imagination at every possible opportunity for a total happiness boost.

  1. Cherish your selflessness

That little gift you bought to say ‘you’re special’ or the time you did extra chores to save someone you love the effort at the end of their long day, oh wow. Have you any idea how much those little thoughtful acts meant to the other person. Be happy that your natural selflessness makes someone else’s happiness happen.



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Count your rainbows, not your thunderstorms.

Life’s going to throw some stormy weather your way.

Some days are going to seem like hurricane season, leaving you reeling and battered.

And you’ll curse the thunderstorms.

Instead, reach out and remember all the time happiness happened right there in your hands.

All the good times you were blessed to have and hold.

And paint your sky with rainbows again.

Be happy that you’ve already been so happy. And will be again.

Do you find your happiness can disappear in a moment? How do you find your way back to happiness in life? Please share your tips and thoughts in the comments below.

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Love and Respect!

Ankit Ravindra Jain




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